The Folk Choir

The Folk Choir

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sing with Nicole this week!

Hi, harmony-lovers!

Nicole is back from an inspiring time on Magnetic Island and in Townsville, and rearing to have a big sing with you all. 

Huge thanks to the two folk stars who took the choir while she was away, the magnificent Rebecca Wright and Sarah Calderwood. Its women like these two who are taking the folk traditions and making them fresh every day. If you would like to check out their websites and see what else they're up to, have a look at, and, or

In more exciting news, four Folk Choir member, Nicole, Emma, Donald and Bec, have launched a new band, The Ceilidh Clan, with a dance at the State Library of Queensland last Saturday, and are cooking up a plan to have a regular dance. We're looking for a suitable hall for that, in case you have one in mind, and meanwhile, check out our new website and facebook page, and if you like us, "like" us!

Or if you enjoy your dance music with the little people, have a look at our new kids' ceilidh band, The Jiggles! Here's the website and the facebook.

See you on Thursday!


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