The Folk Choir

The Folk Choir

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Two weeks off, then a concert!

The Folk Choir is having two well-deserved Thursdays off after a magnificent performance flash-mobbing the crowd between acts at Neurum Creek Music Festival last weekend. Choir-bombing was another term coined for our well-received renditions of Twa
Corbies, Sign-on Day, Hillcrest Mine and Unison in Harmony.

Our new term starts on Thursday 9 October, when we'll sing some lovely accessible stuff to welcome new singers, and also practise the songs for our set at the choral concert two days later!

Raise the Roof! We are featuring in a concert of choirs at West End Uniting Church on Vulture Street. Concert starts at 7.30pm on Sat 11 October. Bring friends! It is the first in a series of concerts in this beautiful, historic church and will help to fund its maintenance.

See you in October for a big sing!

-cheers, Nicole

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